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From: Erik Lewis <lewise@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 08:55:47 -0400

Hi All:

I have my squid set up under redhat 5.0 with one sibling we our shareing a
filtering service called smartfilter. We are using the defaults of 3128 and
3130. I wanted to set it up so that another port say 3129 would use the
same cache and not be filtered, but I realized that this really isn't
practical with a shared cache.

What I would like to do then is set up my unfiltered squid with a different
port and a different cache. Ideally I want only one squid.conf file to mess
with. If you have a suggestion please frame it for the newbie to linux.
Though I am proud to say I did learn how to stop and start squid without
doing a shutdown.

PS I guess I would also need to designate another ICP port other than 3130
for any siblings I include.

Erik Lewis
Northwest Georgia Regional Library
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