Re: Skyrocketting DNS lookup times

From: Alvaro Jose Fernandez Lago <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 16:16:10 +0200 (GMT+0200)

> Trying with a simple ping to the root servers I get RTTs of 300-700
> msec.
> I am afraid that 10 secs are still too high... aren't they?
> Any hints?
> Thanks

Hmm, my RTT to the best located rootserver (K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET) is
around 47 ms -- but 300-800 ms the other roots; and we're having around
1-2 secs dnsserver avg.

Nevertheless I would suggest you to try NT BIND-4.9.7. Then (using the
GUI or via "ndc"), put it on trace mode for a while (5 or 10 minutes or
so), with a *trace level of 1*.

 Once the trace period passed, look the tracefile and
 look the transmission/retransmission times (the records which
start with "resend(addr .....)".

If the times shown are roughly equal to the ones in cachemgr output,
then the problem is a slow link. If they're better (well under 10 secs)
then I think the culprit was M$haft DNS :-)


Alvaro Fdez. Lago
Received on Tue Jun 09 1998 - 08:21:10 MDT

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