Trouble with squid-1.1.21

From: F\abio Rocha <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 17:37:54 -0300

Hi there,

This is my first posting, I apologize if this had been asked before but I
didn't find anything about it in the list archives.

I am trying to install Squid-1.1.21 as a proxy cache server only on my
Linux 2.0.29. Well, it is working... but with a lot of problems... In some
sites, it just returns the message: connection refused... while I would
surely connect if was not using the proxy...

Yes!, I've seen there is a patch for that... "connection retry patch for
1.1.21"... but I didn't manage to apply it correctly, when I try it just
creates a lot of reject files... :-(

So, my questions are: Is there a downloadable version with already contains
that patch inside? If there is not, how do I manage to apply this patch

Thanks in advance,
Fábio Rocha
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