Re: 2 * squid on one machine.

From: Joao Carlos Mendes Luis <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:12:24 -0300 (EST)

#define quoting(David Darville)
// I have to make a squid setup with 2 Squid's running on the same Linux
// machine, each Squid serving a different group of users users, who have
// to use 2 different internet connections, thus the machine will be
// configured with a nic for each of the 2 internet connections, and a 3rd
// for the local subnets, where the clients are located.
// I have been considering to patch the sourcecode to make the squid's use
// the SO_BINDTODEVICE socket option, to make sure the traffic goes out on
// the right interface, but I'm not sure if thats the best solution, so
// I'm asking if there are anyone out there with a better solution, and if
// there is anything I should remember while configuring such a setup.

Why not use the keywords:


In the config file ? Is it not enough ?


PS: I have once run 3 squids on the same machine, but for different
purposes. :)

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