Re: Squid regex comparison speed

From: Allen Smith <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 14:07:38 -0400

The below message appears not to have been quite clear enough; I'm not
talking about using a redirector. I'm talking about using the
cache_host_acl with a regex acl, with the regexes fetched from a file,
to have our cache fetch directly stuff that our users may want to keep
private (e.g., political sites).

> > Hi. We're interested in doing a regex to block cache hierarchy lookups
> > for some URLs (namely ones that people may wish to keep
> > private). Squid will be running on a FreeBSD-2.2 machine with an AMD
> > P233. Anybody have any idea what number of (relatively simple) regex
> > file lines is going to slow things down too much?


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