Re: Squid regex comparison speed

From: Steven Sporen <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 22:35:11 +0200

> The below message appears not to have been quite clear enough; I'm not
> talking about using a redirector. I'm talking about using the
> cache_host_acl with a regex acl, with the regexes fetched from a file,
> to have our cache fetch directly stuff that our users may want to keep
> private (e.g., political sites).

Hmmm interesting idea but it doesn't make any sense. Whether or not
squid caches the info, it shouldn't make a difference, as the only
person who has access the in data would be yourself and the person
who fetched it.

ie Squid will log in the log file who went where no matter if it was
direct or not.

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