Re: redundant squid server concepts

From: Franklin R. Jones <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:54:04 -0600

=> > I've got two boxes running squid (1.1.20) as peers currently
=> > primarily for fail-over redundancy. currently each server configured
=> > to handle the other's IP in the event of failure (which requires a
=> > manual intervention). load "balancing" is handled by which subset/ip
=> > address the client is using/coming from.
=> >
=> > Anyone have a more dynamic method of handling this? Ideally it
=> A number of different alternatives exists:
=> * use a Proxy AutoConfig script

        Care to elaborate on this? how would this help loading?

=> * Put a L4 switch infront of your Squid boxes (costs some money)
        Not sure this is viable, as there are 100MB paths and a
firewall in the mix.

=> * Have each machine monitor the other and automatically take over the IP
=> when a failure is detected

        Yes, I could do this (was considering it) but would rather
have something that actually scales and load balances on the
connection side. fail over is a concern, but so is load
balance. Currently balance is more ad-hock than determinant.

=> * Probably some other as well.

        if you or others come up with something I'm all "ears".

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