How many Squid ? How to organize them ?

From: Olivier GOSSELET <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 09:04:28 +0200

We are going to be ISP for 600 school.
These are the main data of the project :
All this school will be connected by ISDN 64 kbit/s line leading to a "maximum" bandwith usage of 3.8 MBit/s
We have more or less 10 PC to connect by school leading to a "maximum" client number of 6000
We are obliged to use a proxy for porn filtering. We have a interdiction list of 17000 adresses.
We plan to use the cache to save our 2MBit/s internet connection.
We want to use Linux as our operating system for the Squid machine.
The hardware configuration will be something like a Pentium II 333 MHz - 128 MBytes - HD ~ 5 GB (Ultra DMA or SCSI ?) but you can make comment.
The question is : " How many of these machine to handle the potential load and Is it a good way to organize them in Round Robin DNS pool ? "
The school connection will be progressive so we could begin with only one machine and then increase the number according to objective critera but for budget planning it would be interesting to know how much machine we should buy.
Thanks to make me know about your own experiment.
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