Squid to Netscape compatibility ?? Help please.

From: ken <ken@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 22:34:40 +1100

Hi folks

Sorry to raise this here, :( but Im having to set up a Windows NT
based proxy for an experiment, and not having the appropriate
extensions to NT to run Squid, at least for the experiment, decided
on Netscape Proxy.

Im trying to configure Netscape Proxy 3.5 to be a parent to Squid.
I have the ports set in squid.conf to 3128/3130 and the Netscape server
answers to a telnet on 3128 in a sensible fashion

I have the Squid proxies (1.1.21 and 1.1.18) configured as siblings
in Netscape Proxy 3.5

Squid doesnt seem to recognise the Netscape Proxy as running
on a reconfigure just reports a dead parent, after the usual delay.
Nothing shows in the Netscape logs at all
 - is there anything special I need to do at either end?

Looking forward to getting back to real proxies.

Ken Kirkby
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