Re: Squid to Netscape compatibility ?? Help please.

From: Karl Schaffarczyk <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 98 22:40:03 +1000

>Hi folks
>Sorry to raise this here, :( but Im having to set up a Windows NT
>based proxy for an experiment, and not having the appropriate
>extensions to NT to run Squid, at least for the experiment, decided
>on Netscape Proxy.
>Im trying to configure Netscape Proxy 3.5 to be a parent to Squid.
>I have the ports set in squid.conf to 3128/3130 and the Netscape server
>answers to a telnet on 3128 in a sensible fashion
>I have the Squid proxies (1.1.21 and 1.1.18) configured as siblings
>in Netscape Proxy 3.5
>Squid doesnt seem to recognise the Netscape Proxy as running
>on a reconfigure just reports a dead parent, after the usual delay.
>Nothing shows in the Netscape logs at all
> - is there anything special I need to do at either end?
>Looking forward to getting back to real proxies.

I am lead to believe that NS proxy uses port 7 for icp queries

thus the child cache should use nsproxy 3128/7

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