Re: Strange happening with 1.2.

From: Karl Ferguson <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 13:57:00 +0800

At 01:44 PM 26/06/98 -0600, Duane Wessels wrote:
>This is my guess.
>It doesn't have anything to do with your users browser. Its between
>Squid and the origin server.
>I'd bet their server is on a Windows NT platform. When the server
>gets too busy it refuses connections by sending a TCP reset. I've
>seen MS servers do this before, and it didn't matter whether I was
>using Squid, telnet port 80, etc., and it didn't matter what OS
>I was connecting from.

Well, I'm starting to narrow it down now. Yes, it happens on NT as well as
Win95. Here's how I got it as well:

Clicked on a URL and it just "waited" for a long time - then it'd give that
error. If I abort with the stop button lets say after 10 seconds and click
the URL again then is comes through no problems.

I can nearly duplicate this everytime now. The trick is to wait for it to
start "waiting".

It's only 1% of all TCP requests that this is happening to, but it's still
annoying to say the least.

Another notice - should I be able to get a TCP_MISS/500 on a sibling HIT?
Well, I did :-) (only one or two requests though).

Is anyone else getting a TCP_MISS errors out there that compare to what
I've got here?

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