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From: Royans K Tharakan <>
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 16:43:47 +0530 (IST)

  I was thinking on a similar line.

  The DNS would be perfect if you are using PROXY request
  protocol since the DNS will force the client browsers to
  alternate requests to each of the two squid servers.

  However, if you are using transparent proxy mechanism
  where you set a machine as the gateway... the this would
  fail, because gateway addresses are not changed in the
  round-robin fashion and the clients have to configured
  to move to the second server as thier gateway.

please let me know if you find a perfect solution ;-)


On 04-Jul-98 Oeschey, Lars wrote:
> Hi,
> since i canīt get a driver for either mylex or compaq raid controllers,
> i have to find some way to get better performance from squid, mainly the
> disk access makes me worry a bit. So I thought about using a second
> machine, putting an additional 100Mbit netcard in borth machines and
> interconnect them via that cards, doing a reound robin DNS to those
> machines and have each other as parent for the other, so they could ask
> for files over the 100Mbit connection.
> Would that work (and help ;)) or do I think wrong there?
> Lars
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