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From: Marc Haber <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 20:18:42 GMT


I have a few questions regarding squid (1.1.20).

There seems to be a problem with IE4.01 and squid. When I try to
access some pages (especially the Microsoft Knowledge Base), IE4
complains about security settings being incorrect. Disabling http 1.1
usually solves the problem most of the time, but I have been getting
that message even with http 1.1 disabled. When I disable the proxy, I
get through fine.

Microsoft has started to use these funky "Active Server Pages".
Obviously, squid doesn't cache the page and retrieves it again every
time. In the case of the Knowledge Base Query page, this is 40 KB each
that can take quite some time on a saturated transatlantic link. Can I
tweak squid into caching Active Server Pages?

I have found that squid releases pages from the cache. I don't want
this to happen since I still have a couple of GB free on my cache
partition. Why doesn't it keep the pages and issues an
if-modified-since when a new request comes in weeks later? This surely
can't be a disk memory issue.

Any hints will be appreciated.


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