Re: Unusual problem with Squid-1.1.20

From: B. Richardson <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 16:14:53 -0400 (EDT)

I don't have any definitive information but maybe some debugging
helpers. Telnet to the proxy port on squid box and try a couple
of HTTP commands.

    GET http://uncooperativehost/ HTTP/1.0<CR>

   and this

    GET / HTTP/1.0<CR>
    Host: uncooperativehost<CR>

Those may log some things that may give some more hints about what's
going on. Has network connectivity between the squid box and the
problematic server been verified?

B. Richardson
On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, David Carter wrote:
> Hi,
> Hope some wise soul out there can shed some light on this as I'm fairly
> baffled by this problem.
> We've been running squid here for a couple of months very happily, that is
> until I added a third internal webserver. The other two (one Linux/apache
> animal, one NT/IIS beast) are seen by squid with absolutely no problem,
> but Squid just refuses to talk to this new machine. However I can pull up
> the index.html (a very simple file with nothing toxic in it) by:
> 1) Running lynx on other hosts (which are currently not proxy aware).
> 2) Telnetting to port 80 and typing GET.
> 3) Turning off the proxies in Netscape.
> If the proxies are on, Netscape just sits there and eventually times out.
> The squid log shows (at the end of the timeout):
> ERR_CONNECT_FAIL/400 818 GET http://hostname/ - DIRECT/hostname -
> It doesn't make any difference whether I type the hostname, or the FQDN or
> even the IP address. I've tried the local_domain and local_ip directives
> in the conf file with little effect.
> So the question is why is Squid failing to talk to this machine?  The
> webserver is an i586-FreeBSD beast running Apache-1.3. Any ideas anyone? 
> As far as I know the webserver is set up exactly the same way as the other
> hosts on our network (DNS, routing and so forth.)
> Many TIA,
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