Re: Forwarding loop problem in Squid/1.2.beta22

From: Serge Krashakov <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 21:33:54 +0400 (MSD)

Duane Wessels writes:

> Serge Krashakov writes:
>> Today I have changed squid-1.1.22 to squid-1.2.beta22 and found the problem:
>> After several minutes of work squid enters into loop -
> I'm pretty sure I know part of the problem. I'll bet you have a NetCache
> neighbor? NetCache returns 0 for the reqnum field in ICP replies so Squid
> must disable private objects. I hope to have a fix soon.

Yes, I have one NetCache neighbor.
For the test, I have it switched off just now but result is the same -
squid crashes after any requsts to my

Serge Krashakov
Received on Wed Jul 15 1998 - 10:39:25 MDT

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