Re: squid and dns problem at FreeBSD

From: Dirk Nerling <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:22:50 +0200


as I'm afraid its not permission problem - I already checked the
FAQ before asking the list! So I gave echo a try and
it works although it's not the same output as mentioned
at the FAQ ;-)

$ id
uid=1000(squid) gid=1000(squid) groups=1000(squid)
$ echo | ./dnsserver

$h_len 4
$ipcount 1
$aliascount 0
$ttl 41378

Currently it's the version 1.1.21 - and IMHO it should work too. But
I will give 1.1.22 a try the next few hours and inform the list!

Btw. I have a little problem wit the list itself. I subscribed the list
as "" because we trigger all mailing lists into a public
folder. So we (and you) save bandwith - but do you (due the lack of spam)
only accept questions from subscribers? Is there a way to enable questions
from * ?

best regards Dirk

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