Re[2]: wget, squid and auth option

From: Pedro <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 17:30:31 -0300

Hello Henrik,

Quinta-feira, 16 Julho 98, you wrote:

HN> Juan Carlos Leon wrote:
>> Is is possible to use wget while having squid compiled with the auth
>> option? I would like to prefetch some sites but since squid asks for
>> authentification wget is unable to retreive anything.

HN> Yes. Add your own Proxy-Authorization header.

HN> --header=additional-header
HN> Define an additional header. You can define more
HN> than additional headers. Do not try to terminate
HN> the header with CR or LF.

HN> or hack the source to add built in support for it, much in the same way
HN> it currently supports normal HTTP authentication.

HN> Here is a small perl hack that translates login and password to a
HN> proxy-authorization header suiteable for use with the --header option to
HN> wget (or another HTTP client which supports custom headers).

HN> ----------------
HN> #!/usr/bin/perl
HN> $login=$ARGV[0];
HN> $password=$ARGV[1];
HN> ($cred=substr(pack("u","$login:$password"),1)) =~ tr# -_#A-Za-z0-9+#;
HN> print "Proxy-Authorization: Basic $cred";
HN> ----------------

HN> ---
HN> Henrik Nordström
HN> Sparetime Squid Hacker

Or you can use a valid userid on wgetrc. Look this parameters on

http_proxy = http://proxy-server:port/
ftp_proxy = http://proxy-server:port/
proxy_user =
proxy_passwd =

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