Best Hardware / OS for Squid.

From: Ross Jonas <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 09:35:09 +0930

I know this question has been asked many a time before .. but i just want to
be sure :)

These are the stats reported from our squid cache for a period of 9 days.
(from calamaris-2)

prt sec peak begins at min peak begins at hour peak
begins at
ALL 29 14.Apr 98 13:40:45 216 21.Apr 98 12:06:34 2018 20.Apr 98

As you can see , we dont have a large cache.

We are looking at updating the hardware / software for our cache machine.

At the moment it is a P133 (96mb RAM ) running a 2gb cache area on an IDE
hdd :) The current OS is linux 2.0.34 ( From redhat 4.0 )

I know that from past experience and sitting idle on this list that RAM is
one of the performance problems that squid can have .. so i made
sure this wouldnt affect me.

Is there any recommended hardware configurations or the *best* OS to run it
under ?? Or is it just a matter of personal preference and past experience ?

I do expect to go for 3 x 4.2gb SCSI drives in the next system and want to
know the hardware / OS that would handle this the most comfortably.

Many thanks for your help


Ross Jonas
Pinnacle Online
Cache Administrator
Received on Fri Jul 17 1998 - 17:11:02 MDT

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