Re: httpd accel

From: Ricardo Kleemann <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 19:07:37 GMT


the squid access log logs the access as if it were "normal". Should it mention anything about redirect? All accesses are listed as "DIRECT", there are no error messages and there is no hint of redirection in there...

I did another test and just noticed that it WORKS if I access via IP, but doesn't work via the hostname...

So part of it I have solved. How can I make it work for BOTH IP and hostnames?

I tried modifying the redirector program, adding in addition to the ip, the hostname as well. Please let me know if I have it wrong (of course IP and hostnames modified):


while (<>) {

> Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Thanks for the reply. I'm using squid1.2.beta21... at the moment
> > the servers are on the same machine because I'm just testing the
> > redirector/accelerator. But eventually they'll be on different
> > servers.
> 1.2beta21 should work when redirecting to virtual servers.
> What is said in you server and squid access logs??
> > How do I set it up in 1.2.x?
> Not much to setup besides "httpd_accel virtual" (or something else) and
> having a working redirector. Requests has to pass throught a redirector
> to get the Host: header updated correctly.
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> Henrik Nordström
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