squid dying: xmalloc

From: Oeschey, Lars <Oeschey@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 17:32:55 +0200


recently my squid died with this error:

Fatal: xmalloc: unable to allocate 65535 bytes

the following lines were in cache.log:
CPU usage: user 12732 sys 18011
Maximum resident size 0kb
page faults with physical i/o 652561
memory usage for squid via mallinfo
total space in arena: 216201
ordinary blocks: 197335
small blocks: 0k
holding blocks: 1304k
free small blocks: 0k
free ordinary blocks: 18865k
total in use: 198639k 92%
total free: 18865k 9%

I canīt make anything of this, but i think squid runs out of memory, but


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