Re: Error in rc.firewall

From: Dancer <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 02:37:51 +1000

Chuck Pitre wrote:
> ipfwadm: setsockopt failed: protocol not available
> This is the error message I get when I run my rc.firewall
> I know it's something stupid I just can't quite see it (too much coffee i
> guess ;)
> anyhow attached to this file is my rc.firewall file,
> I was hoping that someone might be able to point out my stupidity.
> Currently this is on a Linux 2.0.29 Slackware distribution and squid
> 1.2.22 and I'm attempting to have it proxy transparently (uh oh;)

If you want to know which line is actually failing, try 'sh -x
rc.firewall'. It'll show you each command just before it is executed.

Smart money says you haven't got transparent proxying compiled into the


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