Re: squid on AIX with two Ethernets

From: Dancer <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 02:33:30 +1000

Gergely Olah wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am running an older build of squid (1.1.13, if I remember correctly) on AIX
> 4.1.5 on PowerPC 604, and it was working for me pretty well. Now I had to add a
> second Ethernet card to the system (to cut our network apart), and I am also
> celaning up the stuff a bit. I would have a bunch of (somewhat squid-related)
> questions:
> 1., I used to start squid directly from inittab, with respawn. Is it correct, or
> should I do it differently. (To have the nicest solution.)

Opinion is religiously divided on this one. It's a methodology issue, by
and large. Either method will (very rarely) cause you some difficulties,
but only under extreme circumstances. Use whichever makes you feel most
warm and fuzzy.

> 2., I have to do no -o ipforwarding=1 to connect the two subnets. Which init
> file is the most appropriate place to put it in? (inittab? rc.tcpip?)

I'll leave an AIX person who knows their startup-script methodology to
answer that one.

> 3., I had an acl line telling squid who can get access to it. (Basicly it was
> the whole network.) Should I have to separate acl lines for the two subnets, or
> can I just use one supernet?

Squid just uses the address ranges as -- well, just that: address
ranges. So long as the numbers fit within the
range, it doesn't matter what interfaces or cards are actually bringing
the data in.

> 4., Do I actually have to tell squid that it has two ethernet cards? If yes,
> how?

Not under normal circumstances. There are times when you _might_ need to
stuff around with incoming/outgoing addresses, but I would avoid that if
I were you, unless it is vital to life and civilisation.


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