RE: Squid 1.2 Release Date & Effectiveness of Proxies

From: Tim Brody <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 22:47:18 +0100

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More seriously, I need some ammunition. I want to install a proxy at my
local ISP (I'm sure the enthusiasm should be the other way round), but they
think it's a waste of time..."it's just another machine for the request to
go through".

Can anybody give me some _general_ information on the benefits of Proxies,
like do Proxies (squid1.2) slow down requests, how effective is a proxy on a
low bandwidth connection, i.e. ISDN? Do proxies pose any security risk,
assuming that ACLs block external access to the proxy. Most information on
proxies seem to cover T1/T3 type load ... I'm not really in that ball-park!


> > How are things going with Squid 1.2 ?
> Fine, fine. It called the other day, just to let us know how it was
> getting on. I really don't think it's dressing warmly enough,
> personally...but you know how it is with these youngsters.
> > Any idea on a date for a 'release' version ?
> I think it's a little too young to go on a _real_ date, yet...but I'm
> sure we'll see it at the family picnic.
> > Our main proxy awaits an upgrade and hopefully we can do the
> > Squid 1.2 and new machine thing at the same time.
> >
> > Is 1.2.beta22 reliable enough ? I note our upstream is using
> > it, so I suppose we are buy default.
> Well, that depends on your personal definition of 'reliable enough'. I
> have two installations where the answer is 'yes' and the people rejoice
> and are happy. Of the others, though, I would have my testicles dragged
> through peruvian irrigation canals filled with lemon-juice and vinegar
> in little barbed-wire harnesses within an hour, if I installed it at
> those sites.
> Obviously, there is some significant variation in tolerable
> 'reliability'. 1.2.beta22 still has bugs. The 'beta' bit is a _big_
> clue. It depends on exactly what you do with it and how as to whether
> you tickle the bugs or not, and if/when it crashes, fails or fatally
> reformats the solar system whether you find those consequences
> acceptable.
> If you _do_ choose to run it though, you will be nice and send us lots
> of detailed bug-reports though, won't you?
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