v1.1.22 apparently sleeping

From: Graham Maltby <gmaltby@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 11:46:52 +1000

I am seeing short periods (10-15 secs) when squid just stops responding.

There doesn't appear to be anything failing according to any of the log
files. The only sign of this is the server jumps from an average cpu load
20-40% up to 90-110% for 10 secs, then returns to normal.

There doesn't seem to be a shortage of anything (ie. there are free file
descriptors, free dns servers, etc.) and there isn't any pattern when it

Has anyone else seen this happening?

We are running:

        linux v2.0.34 (slackware)
        squid v1.1.22
        Intel P200 - 256M ram - 24 gig cache

        Squid is acting as a transparent proxy also.

This has only started occuring since we upgraded. Unfortunately, I
changed two things at once, both Linux .29 to .34 and Squid .20 to .22, so
I don't know which has introduced the problem.

Any Comments???

Systems Administrator - Internet Information Group
Graham Maltby <gmaltby@iig.com.au>
Received on Tue Jul 21 1998 - 18:44:08 MDT

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