Re: [squid-users] CHECK THIS ONE-squid makes network connections slow?

From: Chris Tilbury <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 10:28:13 +0100

On Wed, Jul 22, 1998 at 10:10:38PM +0300, Katariina* wrote:

> > the operating system is FreeBSD 2.2.6 and squid version is 1.1.21
> > I have set 256MB of swap on 4.2 gb hard drive (it is dedicated to OS)
> > and I set 6.4gb hard drive to cache (dedicated to Squid)
> >
> > the people in my company says that when they use proxy it makes the
> > system so slow, I mean they say that when they connect thru proxy the
> > web sites come so slowly. May it be true? or that is their psychologic
> > stuff?
> >
> > I mean that they are thinking that they are connecting thru a 3th party
> > machine and that makes them connect that may be true???

> > "cache_mem 32"
> > "cache_swap 5000"

We have a cache_swap 5500, which means the actual disk in use hovers around
5.1Gb. The metadata alone for a cache this size occupies around 40Mb of
memory; add the cache_mem of 32Mb which you have to that, and you've already
exceeded the physical memory in the system (we have cache_mem set to 8Mb,
this is in a system with 192Mb of physical memory).

As soon as your system starts to swap, squid's performance will plummet. And
I reckon your system is going to be swapping an awful lot. Don't forget the
dnsservers and other support processes you may be running also have a memory

You should either install more memory; reduce cache_mem & cache_swap, as
well as the maximum cached object size,both possibly quite drastically; or
try using the NOVM version of squid. A combination of these might even be
necessary (NOVM with less cache_swap).

You need memory, lots of it, to run the vanilla version of squid. You don't
really have enough with a cache of that size, to be honest.



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