squid-1.2.beta23 and falce (?) parent timeouts

From: Matija Grabnar <Matija.Grabnar@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 09:17:19 +0200

I installed squid-1.2.beta23 on one machine and gave it my main cache
as the only parent. (The parent does NOT have the default option set).

I am seeing something funny: all the operations involving the parent
report a timeout condition, like this:

> 901263403.867 131 TCP_REFRESH_HIT/304 249 GET http://
> www.cnn.com/ images/9706/pointcast.gif - TIMEOUT_PARENT_HIT/cache.arnes.si image/gif

At first I thought my main cache was too busy, but there were NO non-timeout
reports. To experiment, I set
icp_query_timeout 15000

which would make the timeout visible, if it occured.
The result is that I still have all parent actions report timeouts,
EVEN THOUGH the pages load quicker than in 15 seconds.

So I suspect the timeouts are reported falsely.

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