Re: CHECK THIS ONE-squid makes network connections slow?

From: Christian Krackowizer <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 11:14:32 +0200

At 19:42 23.07.98 +0300, you wrote:
>well in fact, maybe I could not tell my problem exactly...
>some people in our office say that when they enable proxy
>in their browsers they connect and download web sites slower!
>and then when they disable it, they start to connect to web sites
>is this possible when we have max 20-30 users on a pentium pro
>machine with 9.5ms SCSI disks?

depends on the sites! when you have sites which are more locally to you
than to the parents/neighbors of your squid, access through squid slows
down the connection.
e.g. We're situated in Salzburg/Austria. the next parents are in Vienna,
which is appr. 300 km away. I can access our local newspaper direct over
our internal 10-mbit network - very fast. When I (would) access it through
squid, my squid would contact the parents in Vienna (only 512 kbit), these
parents would contact the next ... until finally one squid fetches the
pages from a host which is only 300 m awy from me.

===> use TAG: hierarchy_stoplist

enter all domains etc. which are better contacted direct.
Us traceroute to see where webserver are situated.

regards from Austrai

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