Re: Can't Refresh with transparent proxy.

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:23:27 +1000

IE4.0 doesn't refresh through proxies properly (including Microsoft's
own proxy). Get another browser.

} wrote:
> When I press the [Refresh] bottom on the browser, it will send out a
> refresh request, right? Is the that request different based on whether
> I specify the proxy in the browser?
> The situation is:
> I build up a transparent proxy system with squid 1.1.22 and ACEswitch
> several days ago. There is a guestbook on a web site, and we can leave
> some message on the guestbook. After pressing the [Refresh] bottom
> on the browser (I.E. 4.0), the new message should be showed on the page.
> When I specify the proxy in the browser, this function performs well;
> but
> if I don't specify the proxy, and let the switch redirect the HTTP
> requests
> (any request to port 80) to the squid box, the page is not refreshed.
> What I guess is:
> 1. The browser only skip the cache of the local disk send a ordinary
> request if you didn't specify the proxy in the browser. And It add
> something in the header of HTTP request, if I specify the proxy.
> 2. There something I miss something with the configuration of squid.
> This is the second time for this question, please give me any
> suggestion.
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> Any comment, please [].
> Because of the policy of my company, we use our Chinese name for sender.
> I'm very sorry for the indiscriminate characters, if you can't see
> Chinese.

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