squid.conf and access controls

From: Allen Armstrong <allen@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 20:46:33 -0700


I would like to develop some more access controls for our web
access. I have complied squid with "DUSE_PROXY_AUTH=1".
This has been a good solution so far for our web access. When a
student agrees to our internet policy, I create an account and
password in the squid.passwd file. Part of our internet policy is
that students access the internet must supervised. We currently
allow internet access on 40 stations.

When a user has access to the Internet they sit down at one of
those stations and use the password and user name assigned to
them. They are free to conduct their web activities. The only way
to the web is through our proxy server.

What I would like to do is have expand web access available on all
stations on our network by:

A. Keep the 40 stations that require user name and password
access for full web access.

B. Next I would like to provide all machines on the network access
to a selected number of domains such as britannica.com, eb.com,
and few
others. The access to these domains should not require a user name or

C. Machines that aren't among the 40 visible machines should not have
access to the web regardless if the user has account. The only sites they
are allowed access to are the ones on our allowed list.

P.s. Don't be worried about if a user changes the ip address to one of the 40
visible machines. They won't have access to the network anymore. Don't
you love acceptable use policies. :-)

Allen Armstrong

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