Solaris 2.6 MU1 (aka 3/98) problems?

From: Gary Palmer <>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 09:04:07 -0400


I have a USPARC that I'm trying to run Squid on, and running into
problems where the squid process will just *stop* after a while.
Telnetting to the proxy port times out, top/ps report no cpu being
used. I can't even kill the process (it just sits there). Rebooting the
machine doesn't even work (I guess solaris needs all processes to be
dead before shutting down, so since it can't kill it, it just sits there
looking dumb)

Has anyone else seen this? I've got a ticket open with Sun because I
believe that the process shouldn't be unkillable like that, but so far I
haven't had much joy getting ideas out of them. About all they
recommended was turning off nscd (which I had already done).

Any clues appreciated.



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