Re: stalled transfers (performance problem?)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 12:14:51 +0200

Jason Haar wrote:

> This is a me too. I have even noticed it with the squid client
> program - it will download the page (say a 60+ lines of an HTML
> page), and then stop for several seconds. If I redo the same page,
> the same behaviour occurs - even though it would be coming out of
> cache! A third attempt would lead to the lot dumping immediately.

Sounds like a stalled TCP connection between Squid and the origin
server. If Squid has a ongoing connection to the origin server,
then any additional clients who requests the same object reuses
this connection.

Normally this is fine, but it may be undesirable if that connection
has stalled due to a temporary network congestion. The stall
persists until the TCP connection recovers (guided by TCP
retransmission timers, sometimes up to a minute or two is required),
timeout or a forced reload.

Henrik Nordström
Sparetime Squid Hacker
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