Are there issues with asp pages?

From: Jason Haar <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 13:29:14 +1200

On Tue, Jul 21 I sent an Email to this list about how I had upgraded a CERN
site to Squid 1.1.23, and how that had caused a particular site to stop
working (going back to the CERN server indeed fixed the problem). I have
since realised this is a general problem with IIS sites running ASP.

This is due to a bug in IE 3-4 (Netscape and a pre-release of IE-5 don't
have these problems), but none the less it showed that Squid dealt with
these sites in a way differnet from CERN.

An example of this is

Clicking on that under NS brings up the MS search area - under IE-4.01 I get
a manual "the object may be found <url>here<url>" page. This "click here"
symptom shows up a lot since the move from CERN... Another thing, this
"click here" page takes a long time to load - IE appears to be very busy for
>10sec loading the three redirects it receives (bl%%dy ASP!) before putting
up the "click here" page.

This is now a three-level pure Squid environment (our proxy talks to their
internal proxy which talks to a DMZ proxy - which talks to the Internet). It
used to be Squid->CERN->CERN->Internet. Even changing to a
CERN->Squid->Internet configuration gets rid of this problem - so it may be
that CERN made changes to returned HTTP headers that Squid doesn't - I don't

Has anyone else heard/seen this? Here's a transaction for IE-4.01 and NS-4.05:


TCP_MISS/302 294 GET
TCP_MISS/302 353 GET


TCP_MISS/302 294 GET
TCP_HIT/200 581 GET
TCP_MISS/302 353 GET
TCP_MISS/200 17093 GET
TCP_MISS/404 604 GET

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