Re: Are there issues with asp pages?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 20:38:47 -0600

Jason Haar writes:

>On Tue, Jul 21 I sent an Email to this list about how I had upgraded a CERN
>site to Squid 1.1.23, and how that had caused a particular site to stop

1.2.beta23? 1.1.23 doesn't exist.

>working (going back to the CERN server indeed fixed the problem). I have
>since realised this is a general problem with IIS sites running ASP.
>This is due to a bug in IE 3-4 (Netscape and a pre-release of IE-5 don't
>have these problems), but none the less it showed that Squid dealt with
>these sites in a way differnet from CERN.
>An example of this is

This sounds like a bug which appeared a while ago.

>This is now a three-level pure Squid environment (our proxy talks to their
>internal proxy which talks to a DMZ proxy - which talks to the Internet). It

Are any of the Squid caches 1.1.17 or earlier? If so, that is the probably
the cause.

The bug allowed 302 temporary redirects to be cached. The long delay
you witness is probably from a looping behaviour. However, I don't
understand why it would act differently for different browsers.

Duane W.
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