Squid grabbing all the processor

From: Steve Judge <sjudge@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 15:19:04 +1000

Hello all,

Two months ago we started running the 1.2 betas instead of 1.1.* versions
We started off with 1.2.beta22 and upgraded to 1.2.beta23 last week and are
impressed with the lesser ram usage and speed etc.
One thing we have noticed with both is that every now and again squid will
grab up to 98% of the processor for its process and stay that way until we
shutdown or restart the squid process.
With 1.2.beta22, we could just run:
squid -k reconfigure and it would go back to normal.
with 1.2.beta23, running the above has no affect and it takes a full
restart of squid when it happens.
The patches from the squid site are compiled in as well.

The dedicated proxy machine is:
Linux 2.0.29 with 3000 file descriptors.
Pentium 11/266mmx
128 meg ram
2 x 3.2 gig drives for the cache, 1.8 gig for the main drive.
cache_mem 16 MB
Squid is running in about a 70 meg process all the time.
serving around 150,000 requests a day.

Any ideas ??

Steve Judge
Managing Director
Globec Internet Services Pty Ltd
Received on Fri Aug 14 1998 - 22:21:07 MDT

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