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From: Andrew Hall <aah@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 16:23:50 +1000

Hi all.
I've been running 1.2beta22 for about 3.5 weeks now with little trouble on a PII machine with 3 GB of active cache on disk and 256M of RAM. Cache-mem is set to 8 meg.

Over a period of 4 hours my machine slowed to an ants pace and it started complaining that it was radically running out of file descriptors, until eventually it crashed and now it can't restart as it says it can no longer find the cache swap log.

What have I done wrong? I thought 1.2 made better use of the fd's assigned to the squid process? I have read the achives but can find nothing on how to change the process and system-wide FD's and to what values should I change them anyway? If anyone can please explain how I can recover my log file and how to fix my FD problems I'd be most grateful..

thanks and regards,

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