Re: Squid slowing down?

From: tom minchin <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 08:30:33 +1000

On Mon, Aug 17, 1998 at 12:19:08AM +0200, Peter Salvage wrote:
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> Hi all
> I looked through the FAQ's but couldn't find an answer - it appears
> that our caching/proxy server running Redhat Manhattan (5.1) with
> Squid 1.120 seems to really slow down after about three or so days,
> requiring a reboot. Is there something I missed in the conf file?

Hi Peter,
        Not running out of RAM and moving full time into swap? Generally
that will make Squid slower. If you don't have enough RAM, occasional
squid -k shutdowns (at 4am) will free up some RAM.
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