Loops and tings.

From: Chris Keladis <chrisk@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 16:04:22 +1000

Hi folks,

Some problems I've been noticing with our Squid's.. We are running a network
of Squid's in a sibling arrangement with transparent proxy.

I've been noticing this in the log files:

1998/08/17 15:44:47| WARNING: Forwarding loop detected for
1998/08/17 15:44:47| --> 1.0 proxy3.tpgi.com.au:3128 (Squid/1.2.beta23), 1.0
proxy2.tpgi.com.au:3128 (Squid/1.2.beta23)

Now, to clarify, at the moment, I am using these ipfwadm rules to make
routing work in the following fashion:

ipfwadm -I -a accept -W lo
ipfwadm -I -a accept -S proxy1 -W eth0
ipfwadm -I -a accept -D 0/0 80 -P tcp -r 3128 -W eth0

My question is, how can I be getting routing loops when the proxy's are in a
Sibling arrangement? It was my understanding sibling relationships ask
neighbouring cache's for an object, and if they return a MISS, and all
subsequent sibling cache's return a miss, then the request will be satisfied
directly by Squid?

This could well be a routing loop on the network somewere, which is an
avenue I am happy to check, but I'm not sure I understand the error message
well enough, to start checking routers, networks, etc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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