Squid and HTTP headers

From: Robert Claeson <robert@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 11:17:17 +0200

Several of our users has "discovered" a web page at a mobile telephone
operator in South Africa that allows one to send text SMS messages to GSM
phones. The problem is, when they try sending a message when the proxy
server here is enabled in their web browsers (IE 4.01 and Netscape 4.05),
they just get an error message from that site that says "You cannot do
this". When the proxy setup is disabled, everything works as advertised.

I asked the people at that site why this is so, and this is the response I

>Five possibilities here:
>1) You are using the wrong URL - you must use
>the normal page - http://www.mtn.co.za/regulars/sms/ or text only page -
>2) You must use the latest copy of the page. Be sure to clear your cache
>reload our page to check this.
>3) You must be using a browser that supports the standard internet referrer
>header. Although other browsers do support this, we recommend Netscape or
>Microsoft versions 3.02 or newer (no beta or gold versions)
>4) You are using one of the blacklisted servers to connect to the
Internet -
>see the blacklist page on our site -
>5) You are using a proxy or firewall server that does not provide our
>with the correct header. Please contact your network administrator.

1-4 checks clear, so the remaining one is point 5 above. Is it so that Squid
doesn't send the header mentioned? We're using Squid 1.1.21.


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