Re: squid inside firewall & ftp URLs

From: Pavel Paprok <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 16:21:46 +0200

We have configured machine A with squid on internal network with internal IP only.
On internal network also have machine B with squid, which have also second
interface with public IP address.
Machine A has therefore configured as "cache_host" parent squid (B)
and because it is its only connection with external world also added line
inside_firewall none.

        squidA (int IP) ------ (int IP) squidB (pub IP) ------------ Internet

all clients on internal network using proxy A can browse, but only
on http URLs, ftp URLs does not works. When they using proxy B
all URLs request are successfull.

Is there some bug in my configuration, or squid (A) support only dirrect
access to ftp hosts (by ftpget) and cannot get these URLs from parent cache?
Or need ftpget some options,...

squid is version 1.1.20

Thanks for answer,

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