how to cache _all_ pages (ignore cache-control, moved-temp., etc...)?

From: Franz Schwarz <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 21:33:57 +0200

Hi, folks!

I run squid on a a private linux leafnode which is connected
to the net via a local isp dial-up connection.

While I'm offline, squid delivers all pages it has cached,
including stale ones, to the browser, which is fine.
However, there are pages with headers that include cache-control,
pragma no-cache, moved-temporarily or similar controls which squid
doesn't cache at all. Is there a configuration trick or a
patch out there, which makes squid cache _all_ pages and ignore these
no-cache controls (I know that this is only of use for private
dial-up leafnode sites because of security risks, etc).

Can anybody help me?

So long.
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Received on Thu Aug 20 1998 - 12:35:27 MDT

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