Re: how to cache _all_ pages (ignore cache-control, moved-temp., etc...)?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 21:17:01 +0200

Franz Schwarz wrote:

> However, there are pages with headers that include cache-control,
> pragma no-cache, moved-temporarily or similar controls which squid
> doesn't cache at all. Is there a configuration trick or a
> patch out there, which makes squid cache _all_ pages and ignore these
> no-cache controls (I know that this is only of use for private
> dial-up leafnode sites because of security risks, etc).

In general no. For some yes, but not all.

The current available tweaks (1.2.beta24) allows one to override (by
violating selected parts of RFC 2068):
  Pragma: no-cache (when sent by client)
  Cache-Control: max-age (when sent by the server)
  Expires: (when sent by the server)
  Last-Modified: (when sent by the server)

But "301 moved temporarly" and some other replies is uncacheable no
matter what you do, except if you hack the source. There is no plans to
add additional tweaks unless some content providers make it neccesary by
misusing the available HTTP cache control headers.

If you want some other mode of operation, then you have to hack the
source yourself. In 1.2beta this is a easy task (see
http.c:httpCacheableReply and refresh.c), no idea for 1.1.X as I haven't
worked on that version for a long time now..

Henrik Nordström
Sparetime Squid Hacker
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