Re: Filedescriptors patch for Linux ?

From: Andrew Hall <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 10:18:51 +1000

I'm using the same config as you (RH5.1). Although RH5.1 comes with 2.0.34,
the fact that you're using linux .35 means you've downloaded the latest
kernel. (If you haven't then you need to.)

The 3K patch works fine with RH5.1 and .35, here's a few tips to get it

1. Make sure your working with a clean kernel source before applying patch.
2. Make sure you're in the /usr/src/linux directory when you apply the patch
command: patch -p1 < /??/??/file.handles.patch.v8
3. You need to recompile squid after applying the patch for the FD limit to
be taken up by squid.
4. If you only have about 100 users hitting your proxy, then don't bother
with the 3K patch, you can enable "quick abort" in the the squid.conf to
slow the consumption of your file desciptors. This will allow squid to
release them back to the pool more quickly, usually 256 FD (as standard) is

Best of luck!

Andrew Hall.
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From: Talal Al-Dik <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, 27 August 1998 8:42
Subject: Filedescriptors patch for Linux ?

>Could anyone tell me what is the latest recomendation for the limitation
>of filedescriptors under Linux 2.0.35 and squid 1.2.beta24
>I would like

 to connect 100 users simultaneously to squid.
>I am aware of the filehandle.patch.linux.v8.01 but I haven't been able
>to patch it under redhat 5.1 :(
>I wonder if anyone managed to increase the filedescriptors limit in
>another way.
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