Re: Upgrade

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 09:43:42 -0600

Indra Pramana writes:

>If we upgrade our Squid 1.1.22 to 1.2.beta24 or whatever the latest, will
>we lose our cache?


There are two ways you can save your cache data.

One is to install a new cache as a parent or sibling for the old
cache. Thus, your new cache will fill up over time, and you still get
some hits from the old one. This technique probably requires two
machines or one machine with a lot of extra RAM and disk.

Another way is to use some kind of conversion program. Note, such a
program does not exist at the moment. This program would read your old
"log" file and rename or move files into the new directory and naming
structure. Both old and new caches need to be offline during this
procedure. These disk operations are not fast, so such a program will
take a long time for large caches. I'd guess something like 30 minutes
per GB. If you have a 10 GB cache, you're looking at a 5 hour

Duane W.
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