Push caching with squid

From: Kriengsak Kiatsirivatana <b97451@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 12:51:43 +0700 (ICT)

Dear all squid people,

My project is to design and implement the push mechanism with squid
server. Many cache servers are connected together in the hierachical
style. The child cache, called rim cache, anlayzes an user access pattern
and then selects the WWW document that will be prefetched. After that the
rim cache sends the list of prefetched WWW document URL to its parent
cache. At the parent cache side, called hub cache, it receives the
prefetch request and then performs fetching by using 'client' program
(compiled from client.c source code). 'client' retreives all Web documents
from requested URL and then these Web documents are multicast transferred
from hub cache to all connecting rim caches.

Finally, the rim cache must push all receipt WWW document to its cache.
So, I would like to know the solution to push all these WWW document into
the cache of squid. Noted that, both hub cache and all rim caches run the
squid software.

Anyone knows the solution to implement the push mechanism with
squid,please gives me some advices.

Thank you for your anticipation,
Best Regards,

Kriengsak Kiatsirivatna
Asian Institute of Technology
Pathumtanee, Thailand
Email : b97451@cs.ait.ac.th,
Phone : 5247359 (My dorm),
        4338870, 8824400 (Home)
Address : 79/10 Arunamarin Road Bangkoknoi Bangkok 10700
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