Re: memory + CPUs + lets tango.

From: Petr Hrasky <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 10:45:08 +0200

Looks like you have very great machine!
You must add line "append mem=1000M" to your /etc/lilo.conf file. check
the exact syntax as I never had more than 128MB ram in my machine.
You can check for the cpus in /proc file system. Or you can use "dmesg"
to display messages from boot. There you should see something about two
cpus as well.

Good luck.

                                     Petr Hrasky

Andrew Hall wrote:

> Hello all, Need some help and I'm a little embarrased that I don't
> know this, but I've just upgraded one of my squid machines (linux
> 2.0.35 + squid 1.2b24p1) from a single CPU to dual PII300 and upgraded
> memory from 64MB to 1GB. I have recompiled kernel and squid for SMP
> enabled but: 1. How do I know if my machine is now using both
> processors? Does Squid make use of them? How much performance increase
> (if any) should I expect on what was a fairly heavily utilised
> machine? 2. Squid doesn't seem to find the rest of my memory (nor
> does the OS for that matter). I thought a recompile should have fixed
> this? How do I get my machine to find all my RAM? thanks and
> regards,Andrew.
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