Re: memory + CPUs + lets tango.

From: Andrew Hall <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 19:15:15 +1000

Truly appreciate all your responses,

Thanks everyone,

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From: Chris Wedgwood <>
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Date: Thursday, 3 September 1998 18:56
Subject: Re: memory + CPUs + lets tango.

>On Thu, Sep 03, 1998 at 06:48:06PM +1000, tom minchin wrote:
>> From reading the Linux kernel list and Linus' comments the SMP in
>> 2.0.x is a pretty mimimal gain. Linux 2.2 (or 2.1.x if you dare)
>> has much better SMP wins.
>2.2.x isn't out yet, and 2.1.x on a production machine goes to pieces
>under high load for me (although, I think this may have been fixed).
>The networking code still has much work to be done to make that scale
>better under SMP, so if your network IO bound, 2.2.x still won't help
>Right now, 2.1.x/2.2.x networking stack is slightly slower under SMP
>than UP, but I don't this this will necessarily impact on squid.
>> Autodetection of RAM (although probably not to 1G) is also slated
>> for 2.2.
>The 2.1.x detection code (which has been in for over a year)
>certainly works up to 3GB, and in theory should work even higher (not
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