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From: Thomas Hoffecker <>
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 14:19:12 +0200

At 10:15 AM 9/4/98, you wrote:
>I want to know also if there is someone who had use the squid found in the
>directory contrib/i386 of the red hat linux cd-rom
>I have it and there is 2 squid files and also a rpm extension. How can I
>install squid?

I was new to Linux/Squid a few weeks ago. Here's what I did:

1. Download & print Squid FAQ & Docs from Squid website.

2. Get version 1.1.22 from Squid website. I used an NT-based ftp server to
    files between my workstation and Linux. An moved files from Linux to my
    workstation by copying them to /home/ftp/pub and then ftp'ing from my PC.

3. Follow install instructions in FAQ. I had a Linux/Unix book handy to
    help with un-taring and gzip stuff

Hope this helps.

At the beginning I tended to use X Windows EMACS for editing of the files,
instead of using VI.

After I got Squid working, I then tackled the transparent caching with a Cisco

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