Problem with directly connected sites

From: Stefan Radovanovici <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 13:45:21 +0300


        I have some problem accessing directly connected sites. I have a linux box
running squid 1.2.beta23 with all patches and with one parent (which is on
the other side of our sat link). Our network is directly conected with other
ISP networks in the country by cable. But when a client tries to connect to,
say, site A (which is directly connetcted), squid just ignores that and
sends the request for site A to our parent (through the sat link).
        If I add an ACL for the ip space of site A and declare it direct with
always_direct then everything is fine, squid retrieves the page directly.
But that is not a solution because we have hundreds of C class networks
directly connected. I can't just add them all to allways_direct.
        It seems that squid ignores the routing table on the linux box completely.
        Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a squid.conf option that I am missing
Any help is appreciated. Thanx.

                                Best regards,
RokNET Administrator
Received on Mon Sep 07 1998 - 03:45:37 MDT

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