RE: Problem with directly connected sites

From: Stefan Radovanovici <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 14:06:38 +0300

Hello Chris,

> Hi Stef.
> This seems to be a common problem for people who parent off another cache.
> What we do is to bypass the parent for objects within the country (most
> of the time the objects are cheaper to source anyway), and we do it
> using the syntax:
> acl australia dstdom_regex \.au$
> always_direct allow australia
> never_direct deny australia
> never_direct allow all

        Yeah, this is a solution. Unfortunately the .ro domains with direct
connection are not that many. Of course, I can do this for a number of
domains but not for all.

> The alternative, which would be useless for busy caches, is to
> use acl's for destination hosts, but this requires each and
> every hostname in a URL to be looked up - i.e. very slow

        We use dynamic routing protocols and routes are announced and withdrawn all
tha time so adding them to acl dst is not acceptable.
Oh, well ...

Thanx for the answer though.

                        Best regards,

RokNET Administrator
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