Re: Q. HTTP requests per half hour

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:54:21 +0200

Zeus V. Panchenko wrote:

> If number of http requests per half hour is 1000-2000 it's OK,
> but if 3000 it's necessary to add RAM or change processor or
> anything else.

No, not by looking at http requests/hour. What you need to look at is
how the OS is performing.

For most OS:es: (except Linux)
  if sr is high then you need more memory
  if idle CPU is low then you need more CPU.
iostat can be used to determine if the I/O queue load on your drives is
getting to high.

On Linux vmstat acts a little differenlty. If swap si/so is high (larger
than a few sporadic swaps) then more memory is needed. If cpu id (idle)
is low then you need more CPU power.

I have not found a good tool on Linux to measure the I/O queue on the

Henrik Nordström
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